U14 Premier (2005 BY)

U14 Premier (2003BY)

The U14 year is one of the most exciting in a Far Post player's continued education largely because of the April trip to Holland. Players will find that the volume of training increases to prepare them for this trip and also for most to enter high school the following year. This is a transformative year where players are treated more like young adults and are encouraged to take control of their soccer experience and development.

Our players will continue to receive plenty of technical training, while ladders and agility work become more prrominant in training along with larger tactical themes. 

We will have a U14 Premier team (2005 BY) on both the boys and girls sides. We will also have a mixed 05/06 Club team for those players that are not quite at the premier level yet, but we want to keep within our club to help them develop. Having club teams at this age is very important becuse players develop at different times. It is not uncommon for players to move up from the club team after a year or two if they are committed to improving.

U14 Schedule Overview

U14 Schedule Overview

September-October (Optional/Extra)

Most players are quite busy with their school teams at this time of year, but we do have optional fall matches through Far Post. Traditionally, we have created U13/14 Coed teams in the U14 Fall Vermont Soccer League, but we have found the level of play is not high enough for our players. We plan on creating our own internal league for all U13/14 players that are interested. Click for Fall Sign-up Link.



This is our indoor season at our home base, the Robert E. Miller Centre North at the Champlain Valley Expo in Essex Junction. The only thing that is mandatory is the team training session, with a number of additional opportunities each week that most players take advantage of. This allows the most dedicated players the opportunity to play 3-4 times a week, while also allowing some flexibility for those that play other sports.

All players going to Holland will have a 2 hour training session every Tuesday afternoon aimed at preparing them for the demands of the trip.

Boys: Team training on Sundays, rotating time. Optional skills session Saturday morning, 10:30am-12pm. Games Monday evenings.

Girls: Team training on Sundays, rotating time. Optional skills session Saturday morning, 10:30am-12pm. Games Thursday evenings.

Extras: Monday/Wednesday night Jr. Academy Sessions & Coed Invite Only Academy Sessions.




This is our outdoor season. Teams will have 2 training sessions a week beginning May 1, likely at Veterans Park in So. Burlington or Centennial Field in Burlington. We will also compete in the Vermont Soccer league. Each team will go to a minimum of 2 outdoor tournaments. The first is Memorial Day weekend in Massachusetts, the second is Father's Day weekend in Maine. Many teams opt to go to an early-season tournament in March in the Boston area as well.

Our U14 premier team will also compete in the Vermont State Cup. Semi-final matches take place late May, with the finals on June 4. Those teams that win their State Cup will represent Vermont at the Region I Championships in Spotsylvania, VA June 29-July 4. All teams should plan on ending July 4, with those that do not advance to Regionals concluding their season after Father's Day Weekend.

Program Cost


$1,575/year ($250 deposit followed by monthly payments of $165.63 Sept. 1 - Apr. 1).


What is Included

  • All team trainings Nov-June
  • All coaching fees (except extra tournaments)
  • 3rd Session of Futsal (mandatory)
  • 2 tournaments
  • State Cup & Regionals

What is Extra

  • Holland Trip
  • Uniform & training gear
  • Fall Training (U8-U12) & Games (U10-U14). Sept-Oct
  • Academy/Education Programs & Camps
  • Sessions 1 & 2 of Futsal
  • Additional tournaments beyond the 2 included